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 DESCRIPTION           GOALS             ORGANISERS              CONTINUATION 
 The upcoming (= 4th.) cleanup action (March 2-10th.2020) at the
= planned cleaning locations
Cleanup action description
The Shaolin Temple valley in Henan, China is the central location of the International cleanup action
of rivers, gorges and mountains in Dengfeng area, considered as spiritual Centre of Heaven and Earth
in Chinese literature.
Water connects all people on Earth. To preserve this wonderful treasure, we have to unite -
and the best way to understand the importance of preserving nature is to get involved.
Outdoor enthusiasts from different countries will attend the cleanup action
to set up an example of international cooperation.
Action plan
Check the whole action plan, sponsor plan and continuation by clicking the photo or PDF. 
Main goals
1.  To thoroughly clean Songshan mountains, canyons, rivers and the whole Shaolin Temple valley.
2.  To establish a "no trash" tourist zone.
3.  To set up an example of international cooperation.
4.  To show that water connects us all.
5.  To involve youth, make a film about the action and spread awareness.
5.  To build a model of international cleanup actions and put it as an "open source" on our website.
Guardians of the Earth 
Representatives & contacts:
Mr. Bogdan Kladnik  (SLOVENIA)
E-mail: bogdan@kladnik.net
Mr. Tomas Roth  (CZECH REPUBLIC)
E-mail: tomas.roth@aquatis.cz
Mr. Gabor Marko  (HUNGARY)
E-mail: magvacska@gmail.com
ZhongYuan Adventure Rescue team 
Representative & contact: Mr. Wang Xiguo (CHINA)
E-mail: 306190039@qq.com
Shaolin Combat school
Representative & contact: Mr. Shi Yanzi (UK, CHINA)
E-mail: info@shaolintempleuk.org
CTS Dengfeng Songshan Shaolin Cultural Tourism Co. 
Representative: Mr. Hu Linfeng (CHINA)
Contact: Mr. Li Yongjun
E-mail: dfyongjun@126.com
Promoting our work
The cleaning action ended on March 10th. - but our work will now only start.
If we don't keep the area clean, if we don't inform and educate all visitors and tourists - and if we don't pass the values of preserving nature to our kids ... well, then our work is only partly done - and we will have to repeat cleanup actions every year!
The main advantage of international actions is that environmentalists from different countries meet, become friends and exchange knowledge and ideas. The Guardians already have some knowledge, but we are eager to learn from wiser and more experienced people.
Only together we can make a model for preserving nature worldwide.
If nobody knows, nobody cares
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Photography, articles, films and social media are the best way to share values of protecting nature to younger generations. How to do it? 
We will:
1.  Invite young Chinese photographers and video makers to the cleaning action,
2.  Spread the awareness through the project book 'Guardians of China',
3.  Organise international exhibitions with the best photos from our cleanup actions,
4.  Make a professional film and send it to schools, outdoor and other festivals,
5.  Write articles about the action for outdoor and martial art magazines worldwide,
6.  Share our activity on social media,
7.  Publish a new series of books 'Young Guardians', which will educate kids from year 3-15 to become              Young Guardians of the Earth.
8.  Publish a new series of tourist guides for the area - with photos from the cleaning action at the end -
     and asking all buyers to please respect our work and keep the nature clean.
CN guides3.jpg
CN guides4.jpg
CN guides5.jpg
Concept of new tourists guides for responsible tourism.
10% of all profits are dedicated for financing similar cleaning actions of Chinese NGO's and for educating and empowering youth.