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CHINA 03-10. MARCH 2019
 3 parts of the international cleaning action in the
APRIL 2018
2018 - DONE
MARCH 2019


All good things go by three. The 3 organizers:

CTS Song Shan Shao Lin Cultural Tourism Co.,
Shaolin Combat School  &  Guardians of the Earth  


CTS Song Shan Shao Lin Cultural Tourism Co.  (China),  Mr. Hu Linfeng, Mr. Li Yongjun

Shaolin Combat school  (China),  Mr. Shi Yanzi

Guardians of the Earth  (Slovenia, Austria),  Mr. Bogdan Kladnik, Ms. Ines Walch

LOCATION: Songshan mountains, Shaolin Temple valley, Dengfeng

(Henan province, China)

DATE: 03-10. March 2019

1. Cavers, canyoneers and mountaineers from CN, SI, CH, AT, IT, CZ, IN ...  

2. Shaolin temples worldwide, Shaolin Combat school, Shaolin temple ...

3. Local kungfu schools, locals, companies, friends & guests

1. To clean the Songshan mountains, canyons, rivers and the whole Shaolin valley.

2. To involve youth, make a film about the cleaning action & spread awareness.

3. To set up an example of international cooperation for the whole world.

If you wonder why the International action,

organized by Slovenia, Austria & China - in China?

Water connects all of us in the world. It is the driving force of life and it doesn't know borders. It is our job to activate all people around the world to care of this wonderful treasure - and working together is the only way.

The idea of outdoor sportsmen and martial artists protecting nature, involving youth and the International cleaning action is an eight year old dream & goal of two friends: Bogdan Kladnik from Slovenia and Shi Yanzi from China. It was also hugly supported by Bogdan's friends from Austria - Ines Walch and Klaus Fankhauser.

The friendly cooperation between Slovenia and Austria, two of the smaller countries, and China,

one of the largest - between three countries that are 8,000 km apart - has a great symbolic meaning. It will show to the world that we all have to unite to protect our Earth.

China has the necessary resources, manpower, knowledge and will. If anyone can do it, the Chinese people can - and they will set up an example for the whole world.

Giving big hopes on China!


Setting up an example of International co-operation in the
Center of Heaven and Earth
as the basis for future cleaning actions across the globe.
Read the interview with Bogdan Kladnik in  Where Zhengzhou

If you wonder why Songshan mountains,

Shaolin temple valley & Dengfeng?

Mount Song is one of the most sacred mountains in China. As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, it became a crucial center of politics, economy and culture, as well as the sacred land where Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism have assembled since the ancient time.

The Songshan Shaolin Temple is the cradle of Chan Buddhism and Chinese martial arts. It is located under the foot of Wuru Peak of Songshan mountains in Dengfeng city, Henan province - and is of great importance to all martial artists.

Dengfeng is considered to be the center of terrestrial powers and the only point from which astronomical observations are considered to be accurate. Most historians attribute the mysterious power to its location at the foot of Mount Song.

In China’s traditional world view, China is the country at the “Center of Heaven and Earth,” and the “Center of Heaven and Earth” is located at the Central Plains, and the core of the Central Plains is Dengfeng City in Henan Province. Therefore, Dengfeng was the capital of many early dynasties in China and also their cultural center. China’s mainstream cultural branches including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism all established their core bases in Dengfeng to spread their theories, and Dengfeng was also the center of astronomical observation. This historical background left Dengfeng a great amount of well-preserved cultural and memorial architectures, and the essence of them is the historic Dengfeng monuments at “The Center of Heaven and Earth.”

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