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A good idea without a great team is just a nice dream.
'Guardians of the Earth' and 'Trashbonding' are led by speleoclubs Križna cave (Slovenia),

Plánivy (Czech Republic), Papp Ferenc (Hungary) and ZhongYuan Adventure Rescue team (China).

Bogdan Kladnik, SI
Tomas Roth, CZ
Gabor Marko, HU



Bogdan Kladnik, Slovenia

E: bogdan@kladnik.net


Tomaš Roth, Czech Republic

E: tomas.roth@aquatis.cz


Gabor Marko, Hungary

E: magvacska@gmail.com


Wang Xiguo, China

E: 306190039@qq.com

Wang Xiguo, CN

I have heard a tale about a group of people ... ordinary people … from all walks of life:

Explorer, Boat Builder, Computer whizz, Pianist, Electrician, Martial Artists, Teacher, Child,

Photographer, Professor ... the list is long and growing every day.

These people have one thing in common, well actually they have more than one thing

in common, but for now you only need to know about one of them, and that is;

Guardians of the Earth. 


No its not a new film by Marvel. 

Its older and more established than that, its been there in the underground, waiting for

the right time, the right time to sprout up through the earth and show itself to the World.

That time is now, the Guardians are here.

They have been working in the background, behind the scenes, grafting, dedicated, recruiting …

You should take a look, digest everything you see and read, think about it for a day or two then go back and look again ... You’ll see more the second time.

You may even come up with some questions, if you do, then ask them.

Get everything clear in your mind before you decide to become a Guardian yourself.

Peter Grant, UK


Bogdan Kladnik is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, writer, designer, editor, author, publisher and the founder of Guardians of the Earth.


He is the author of more than 120 nature calendars, several multimedia productions and photographic exhibitions. He published his photographs and articles in Stern, Bell'Europa, Tuttoturismo, Adria, Proteus, Gea, Berge, Merian, National Geographic Junior and National Geographic Adventure.


The only competition, in which he participated in his entire life, was the Seventh Multimedia Festival of mountaineering in Briancon, FR, 1993, where he was awarded first and second prizes, and the overall Grand Prix de Briancon for his multimedia exhibits Eternal Cycle and Terra Mystica.


Above all, he is the author of 68 books about the Slovene, Italian, the Balkans, African and Chinese natural and cultural heritage - among them seven caving books, books about mountains, rivers, water, outdoor sports, as well as the first official books about the renowned Songshan Shaolin Temple in China.

Bogdan is also an outdoor enthusiast - alpinist, caver, kayaker, pioneer in canyoning, explorer of gorges and waterfalls, skier, polar explorer, martial arts practitioner and above all -

a big admirer and lover of nature.

Bogdan is a specialist for outdoor sports and photography:

1. Cycling tours across former YU (at the age of 16)

2. Skiing instructor

3. Ice & free climber, climbed in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia and France

4. Mountaineering in Austria, Greece, France, Italy, Scotland, Norway, USA, China, Albania ...

5. Caving expeditions in Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Italy

6. Flying with anything that flies: paragliding, hang gliding, hot-air balloons 

7. Beginner and promoter of canyoning in Slovenia

8. Sea kayaking expeditions in the Mediterranean

9. Polar expeditions in Greenland

Marketa Jakovenko, CZ
Klaus Fankhauser, AT
Thedy Braendli, CA
Pavel Kubalek, CZ
Ines Walch, AT
Ji Lijuan, CN
Helena Vysoka, CZ
Viki Pečnikar Oblak, SI
Himanshu Garg, IN
Shifu Shi Yanzi, CN
Eleni Stavropoulou, GR

There are no great words -

or great philosophy.

It's just a simple and honest idea.

Guardians of the Earth are building bridges. Bridges between Nature
and people, religions, organizations, continents, nations and generations.

 © 2020 text, design, photos by: Bogdan Kladnik 


Čižmanova 6, 1211 Ljubljana, Slovenia 


We eat cookies while in Europe - and pancakes in the rest of the World. Keep them in dry place if possible.