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Water is life

Just as blood is of vital importance to every man,
water and the water cycle are the blood and circulatory system of our planet.
Contaminate a man’s blood, and he will die.
It is the same with our planet, because water is the source of life on earth.
Everything on earth is made of water. Our bodies are made of water. 
Water is life.

The pollution of our waters is increasing day by day.
Photographs of water basins show us the terrible truth.
Fish are disappearing from the waters around the world.
Life on our planet is slowly dying ...

Civilization, as never before, is faced with the question:
Is it possible that we are so arrogant, so conceited and selfish
that we will leave our children with a planet that is dying ...
leave behind the testimony of our negligence ...
so they can remember us for this ... for centuries to come?

There are a multitude of organizations and movements around the globe
that are trying to clean up what has been contaminated.
The problem is sustainability. In a few months, the same thing will happen again. Clean-up initiatives are good, but they are not the solution.
The solution is to create a population with a healthy and honest attitude towards our planet.

Unfortunately, it is too late for many things, but not for everything.

Guided by a sincere desire to change our own attitude towards life and nature, we have realized that the only way to do something that will lead to real change is to invest in our future. And our future is our children.

Unlike us, they are completely honest with themselves and life.
They have the strength, willpower, and most importantly, a free mind ...
they do not seek money or power ... they want change ... they want the truth.

With the proper education of our children, over several generations,
we will create heirs who will live in harmony with nature.
We will have a generation of people who can truly relate to the natural environment, who will love nature with all their hearts, and preserve it as a sanctuary.

If we begin right now, over time, we will create serious people with a serious mission: to preserve that which is the source of our lives at any cost.
This is our goal ... that all our children become: